Whats Exerflex?

Specializing in personal training, weight loss, functional training, exercise, strength training, fitness, nutrition, corefitness, competition preperation, and realistic diets for busy business professionals.

At most gyms and fitness centers, you can ask a question and every trainer will have a different response based on what worked for them. Answers should be based upon anatomy, not personal experience and results. One-on-one personal training with Exerflex is about you. Programs are developed specifically to meet your body type and how your body works. Working with myself means constant supervision and continued motivation. I lend the benefit of expertise and reliability. The greatest benefit is the belief of my philosophy: "It is safe, effective and takes less time to achieve ultimate results if the training is taught and performed correctly."

Our bodies are not designed to work in one plane of motion. The machine movements you perform in the fitness centers have absolutely no carry over to real life. The engineering of our bodies are designed to move freely in multidirectional planes. I professionally feel there is a lack of personal attention, and education at the local fitness center. Many “so called trainers” show exercises based on personal opinion, perception, and of course sensation. My way of training understands that “just because you feel it, does not mean you are working it. You could be straining not training.” You can’t change anatomy and the way it functions! So caution to the genetic athlete with no education, “One size does not fit all.

My Goal as a Personal Trainer is to establish objective decision making into the implementation of exercise, to omit the conventional cookie cutter type recommendations you would find at the local fitness center or gym, to look beyond traditional exercise myths and incorporate sound movements. For the last 8 years, I've maintained the desire to impart only the truth about exercise. I always have believed that a moment of insight is worth a lifetime's experience. We are all victims of the my guru can beat up your guru mentality, which encourages the pubic to become followers of some genetic gym/fitness trainer's own personal experiences. I have learned most trainers who are employed by a Gym or Fitness center are nothing more than RENT-A-BUDDIES. (DON'T PAY FOR THAT) I believe that personal experience, and the way an exercise feels, is the furthest thing from anatomical efficiency, joint function, and muscular action. The science behind the movements, correcting posture so the exercise can be performed safely, more efficiently and with less struggle is what I recommend. I personally guarantee that my " Change me " program is people sensitive and accurate. Understanding how the body functions, makes result easily obtained. A wish changes nothing... a decision will change everything!

My Mission.

To assist my clients in achieving the fitness results they desire through superior exercise instruction and programming driven by my enthusiasm and ongoing education in the most effective training techniques available.

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